Welcome to 40-Days of Summer Camp!

Summer camp is a magical time for campers and for camp staff. A lot of life gets lived in those two long months during summer camp. It is a great time for campers, where many of them will make memories and friends that will last a lifetime. For staff it can be a richly rewarding experience where they bond with their fellow staff members while doing work that has a lasting impact on their campers.

So welcome to our new project where every day we will be coming to you with reflections, thoughts, themes, fun games, and other great content that will help you have a better and more rewarding camp experience.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing all about your great camp experiences.


The Y Superstars Team



Together Everyone Achieves More. There is no other way, get ready to synergize with your co-workers, staff, and campers

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It's often difficult to inspire others when we ourselves are underwater. We want to walk with you this camp season.

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The Camp Office

A thriving camp office is a hub of communication. Grab, modify and print resources to label and post in your camp office.

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