The Mind of our Company is in our attitude

7-week Balance Mastery Challenge

We help youth developers suffering from Mind-Body constipation to unclog their toxins; so they can live life to the fullest, and carve out a thriving legacy that will change the world.

Take a seven week deep dive into the core of your thinking. Challenges are not meant to be easy, but they are meant to be conquered.

How is your Life-work Balance?

We know the balance beam is uneven, especially when it comes to your health & well being. We’ve been there before, having 4-10 hats and working 80+ hours for something bigger than ourselves.

As a youth developer, you strive for excellence, you want nothing but the best for the little ones, for people, for humanity.

You have left yourself last, and you want to change that.

We start with our SPARK

Our spark is what gives us energy - is that thing we do that gives us fulfillment. God has given us gifts. You are one in 7.5 billion people in the world.

We believe that no self-help book will help you activate YOUR spark, which leads you to live your life to the fullest. In order to activate a spark, you need friction, you need the challenge.

7-week Balance Mastery Challenge

This is not a program to be reviewed over and over until you get to your goal. Like any other challenge, you are in the hot seat. The goal is conquering you, not the world.

It is time to change your priority this season.

Each week you will be given a module with videos that will walk you through building a strong foundation for your life-work balance. Whether you are a Christian, or not, you will unleash the God-given strength in you.

    Week 1 - Begin mastering your "response-ability" by winning your morning

    Week 2 - Activate your 1st domino by making it your top priority

    Week 3 - Leverage your strengths by the power of your not to do list

    Week 4 - Apply the secret sauce by finding out the ingredients to daily balance

    Week 5 - Navigate your destiny by the power of the 90-day calendar

    Week 6 - Collaborate your way to success by doing, delegating & dumping

    Week 7 - Empower yourself to enjoy your journey by celebrating your accomplishments

The Challenge starts October 1, 2017

Are you ready to dig in the soil before you? This soil is your FOUNDATION. This soil is the playground of your soul. The seeds, water, and sunlight come and go, just as people in your life, success, and resources. However, the soil, your soul, will never change.

LIVE Webinars: Orientation

We have 3 FREE webinars to dive deeper into our modules. Do you want to take part of our 7-week challenge ORIENTATION?