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Our Approach

We are strategic planners ready to activate life's blueprints. We believe in excellence that doesn't have to take all of your time, money, and energy. Do, delegate, or dump is our motto.

Our Journey

We started in the world of non profit and education. Our spirit was becoming weak because of the lack of physical, emotional, and financial exercise. The wake-up turning point was burnout; the first step of recovery, responsibility to choose our response.

1) Reactive Response: The behavior is the product of our conditions based our my feelings, mood, and/or temperament

2) Proactive Response: The behavior is the product of our own choice based on our values, priorities and/or principles

Meet the Team

The YSuperstars team has taken the first step into a Life to the Full. We have taken responsibility of our response to life, circumstances, and people. We are mastering our God-given SPARK (highest potential), protecting our values & boundaries, and aligning our personal victory to our public victory.

"Healthy us, Healthy Children!"

Yes, we are MARRIED. While non profits, companies, and the school system do not allow married couples to lead together, God calls us to do exactly the opposite. There is no greater joy than to work with your best friend!

We work and play hard; every single day of our lives!

Patricia Kelly Zito

Founder & CEO

I used to want to change the world...I now know that I can only control myself, and be the change I wish to see in the world.

I'm from the beautiful lands of Peru. My family and I moved to Queens, NY in the fall of 1987, like most families seeking the "American Dream."

This dream was planted as a 12 year old pre-teen relocating states. I remember it as it was yesterday, a song changed my perspective in life forever - "This House" by Tracie Spencer. "You, me, we can make a difference."

The dream was sparked in the summer of 2000 when I became a Camp Counselor at Flushing YMCA. And then quickly reinforced when I became a disciple of Jesus in 2001, which led me in a special journey in the non profit world of Youth Development. I started as camp counselor in charge of 10 children, to a Sr. Director of Summer & After-school Programming overseeing 2 branches in charge of 1,500 children.

The journey was rewarding and impactful, and most people will see it as a public victory, however, I denied my private victory. I was not living life to the fullest, and my health suffered. I took courage and decided to get to the root of my body and mind constipation and became a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant in 2016.

The highlight of my practice continues to be our Spirit-Mind-Body connection. I am responsible for my daily nourishment to my mind, soul and cells which enhance my time and energy to truly give to others.


James Daniel Zito

Executive Director & CFO

Hello Everyone!

I hate having to talk about myself and loathe website bios, but here it goes.

My journey as a youth developer has been long and enlightening. While I was only aware of the term ‘youth developer’ for the past few years, I have been involved in the field since I was a teen (I know I was a youth then too). It all started way back when teaching Taekwondo to youth of various ages. After college I spent a few years teaching high school. After taking a break from teaching to write full time from my home office, I found myself working part time at an after school program for a non-profit. I loved the mission and quickly found myself leading an after school site of my own, and eventually lead an entire youth & family department.

I know from first-hand experience that in this field we often take care of ourselves and our families second, and give everything we have (and more) to our programs and our staff.

In my role here at YSuperstars I develop turn-key youth programing for various organizations, and I work a lot on brainstorming ways to make life easier for youth developers all over the world. Here at YSuperstars we believe that the most important investment you can make in your career is developing yourself FIRST.

I hope you are enjoying your journey as a youth developer. See you around the site!

Want to meet with us?

We love meeting at local cafes (local: anywhere in Staten Island, NY and New Jersey). We are also happy to set a virtual zoom meeting with you and/or your leadership team.