Gotta Catch 'Em All (Pokemon)

Gotta Catch `Em All is a great game that is very simple to play in terms of rules, and requires minimal equipment. The most basic item needed is a standard gatorball or other light weight balls that are suitable for playing dodgeball like games.

The playing area should be divided into two: a red side and a blue side. Divide your group into two teams. Throw in one ball to start (you can add more balls if you want later for added complexity). Explain to the campers that these balls are now pokeballs and that they are used to catch pokemon.

If you throw the ball to the other side and tag one of the opposing players they become your pokemon and now have to join your team. If the opposing player catches the ball that you throw at them they you must join their side.

The game continues until one side has all of the pokemon, and one side has all of the players.

At this point you can start the game over, or if you have other teams waiting to play then they can now start a new game.

This game is a lot of fun and it is good for groups that cannot handle knock out games.

Blob Tag

Blob tag is a game of tag with an interesting twist. Instead of being out when you are tagged, like regular tag, you become part of the blob. The players join hands and then try to tag others. As others are tagged they become part of the blob by joining hands, so you have a line of people who are it who are becoming longer and longer.

Play the game until everyone has been tagged, or you can break up the blob at any point to start over.

Builders and Destroyers

The first step is to divide your group into two teams. Designate your play area as a roughly rectangular area. Have each team sit on the edge of the playing surface. On the playing surface have about 20 to 40 half cones. Half of the half cones should be right side up and half should be upside down.

Designate one team to be builders and the other team to be destroyers. Explain to the campers that the cones are really houses. The builders want to build houses, or have their cones right side up. The destroyers on the other hand want to destroy all the houses by flipping them over, or placing the cones upside down.

This game is played in rounds of one versus one, and every round the winners should get a certain amount of points.

The builders win if there are more built houses (right side up cones), and destroyers win if there are more destroyed houses (upside down cones). Each round should last 30 seconds to 1 minute. Keep going until at least everyone has had an opportunity to play at least once.

At this point you can tally up the point and declare a winner, or you can start adding variations. Variations can make the game harder, like having to hop on one leg around the playing field, or crawling. You can also get more competitive by having more than one builders and destroyers play at once. Just make sure you do this carefully and that you have enough space for this so no one gets injured.

Fire and Ice

This is another game of tag with a twist. Assign one person to be fire by giving them something red (usually a red pinnies or red handkerchief) and assign someone to be water (blue pinnies or blue handkerchief). The person who is ice freezes people in place when they tag people, and the person who is fire unfreezes people who have been frozen by ice.

After a period of time (usually about two minutes) pause the game and switch up who is fire and who is ice.

This is a very fun game, and you will be surprised how quickly your campers get tired.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a fun game that can be played with a variety of age groups. First start the game by explaining what is fair to tag and what is not fair to tag. The first object obviously is to keep everyone safe, and avoid any potential injuries.

After you get that out of the way explain to the campers that we are all Kung Fu masters capable of knocking someone out of the match with a single tag (or touch). Line everyone up in a circle, and then start the game.

Everyone starts the game by making their best Kung Fu sound and getting into their best Kung Fu stance.

Everyone gets to go one at a time, and they get one movement. That movement could be to get into a better position or to try and tag someone. If they use their one move to try and tag someone the person they are trying to tag gets one move to try and avoid being tagged. The game continues around the circle.

As campers get tagged they are removed from the circle and the game continues until there are only two left. This is the final round or Grand Kung Fu Championship, and after the last person is tagged then you have a Grand Kung Fu Champion. Everyone should cheer for this person, and then you can either start the game over or move onto another game.