Below you will find our Frequently Asked Questions for our 7-Week Balance Mastery Challenge:

Who is this Challenge for?

The 7-Week Balance Mastery Challenge is for the individual who wants to impact the world through their lives. You desire to be rich in Spirit-Mind-Body.

No, you don't have to have a title of "Youth Developer," or even have children. You are the influencer who understands your responsibility to leave a legacy for our children - the future.

This is for the ambitious and hungry dreamer that is tired of "wishing" for a disciplined life that others want to imitate. You are ready to not only take action, but to be held accountable.

How much time do I need to complete the Challenge?

Everyone has 7-Weeks to complete the program challenge. We have incentives and rewards for all who complete Challenge during our last Module 7 (Enjoying the Journey by celebrating your accomplishments)

The Live Sunday 8:00am module lessons are 45 minutes to 1 hour
The Coach Check-ins are 30 minutes at your scheduled time
The Peer-to-Peer Check-in is recommended for 10 minutes (5 minutes each)
The Soul Sheets are timed for 5 minutes for each challenge. Total of 15 minutes

The total time investment 2 hours per week for not only the lessons & trainings, but the professional accountability with your coach, and the social support of your peer.

You have access to audio & video from all recorded modules plus Deeper Dives (podcast, YouTube videos, movies) and we encourage listening when needed during your commute, workouts, shower, cooking time, etc. Just remember, knowledge without application is no power to you. Remember this is a Challenge, simple, not easy.

What if I don't complete the Challenge or 49-day "Journer" & Soul Sheets?

Joining the live Sunday sessions will help you gain knowledge and will impact your life in the long run. You will feel knowledgeable; aware of the science (facts), ready to avoid the pain (consequences), and encouraged of the possibilities (solutions) just like any Self-Help book in your personal library.

The advantage of completing the challenge within the 7 weeks is your access to the "Express Train" to Self-Mastery. In other words, ACCOUNTABILITY. You have the option of putting a book down, the right to not apply anything that you're not ready to face head on. In the Express Train are your peers, your new social support that understand the struggle. The group of people with a common denominator, balance & alignment. You will also find your Coach, your professional accountability who will guide you in becoming a Problem-Solver, and will redirect you to your priorities. This Coach has been in your shoes before.

Remember, Module 1, Begin by Mastering Your Response-Ability, it is your choice to join the "Express Train" or take the challenge at your own pace.

Starting in 2018 every participant & client will have lifetime online access to the modules, soul sheets, and resources. This means that you can always seek the recorded modules without the accountability. You will have access to any new material, resources, deeper dives.

What is included in the 7-Week Balance Mastery Challenge?

Every participant, regardless of chosen package will have access and/or will receive the following:

- 7 Live Sunday Training Modules which include Nutritional Therapy Lessons
- Soul Sheets for weekly reflection & action plan
- Printables: 49-Day "Journer" (Journal + Planner) sheets, 90-day Calendars, Weekly Calendars, and more
- Strength Assessment, action plan tools and "Strength Finder" E-book
- 30 minute Coach Check-in
- 10 minute Peer-to-Peer Check-in

How much does it cost?

Our online program challenge provides 3 packages: Superstar package is $399, Premier Package is $699, and VIP (Very Influential Person) is $999.

All packages include the items listed in previous question. The difference is the # of Coach Check-in sessions, 1-on-1 Strength planning tools, and Nutritional Therapy Packages.

Remember that we reward Action Takers with discounts or vouchers which are revealed with a DEADLINE in every webinar and YouTube channel challenges.

What’s your return policy?

Money-back guaranteed--100% -- We stand behind the value we provide to each client & participant. The deadline is by end of Module 2 (Week 2). We asked that you had participated on live Sunday Sessions, and turned in your completed 40-Day Journer pages & Soul Sheets (2 weeks worth) If you feel that we have not delivered on our promise, we will give you a complete refund.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at: