Self-care because no one else cares

Are you sick and tired of people telling you to take care of yourself?

You are not alone, according to American Psychological Association study, 2007...
- About half of Americans (48%) feel that their stress has increased over the past five years.

That was a study done over 10 years ago and the % keeps growing!

I was in your shoes before, having 4-10 hats, working over 60 hours a week. I would get angry every time someone told me "go home, Ms. Patty!" or you need "you time." I thought, I have a mission here! Who is going to take care of it, who is going to care for this project as much as I do. Goodness gracious, does any one else care about the mission??

Do you want to B-R-E-A-K the vicious cycle of burnout youth developers? Are you wondering why life, circumstances, and people are so influential in your decisions?

Find out the first step to Self-Care from our Youth Developer Channel!