40-Days of Inspiration

There is a reason why not everyone succeeds. There is reason why many talented and even brilliant people never seem to be able to do anything with that natural talent. Accomplishing anything of any value takes time, effort, and a lot of hard work.

For instance watching anyone at the top of their game accomplish something great it is easy to miss massive amount of effort that went into the preparation for that moment. Award winning performers and singers literally had been preparing for that success their entire lives. Olympic gold medal athletes generally don’t wake up a few years before the Olympics and decide that they are going to win a gold medal.

It is this amount of work, and it is the sweat and the tears in the preparation that often does not get any appreciation or applause.

Well here at YSuperstars, we are of the school of thought that everyone is capable of accomplishing great things. However, not everyone is willing to put into the work that leads to accomplishing greatness.

Something tells me you're ready...

It takes a lot of work to accomplish anything truly worthwhile in life, and behind all of that work is even more inspiration. A powerful why that drives people to accomplish the extraordinary, and pushing the boundaries of human achievement.

Running a great camp is the same. It takes a lot of hard work and preparation to make a camp great. And once in the middle of camp season it takes a lot of inspiration, and a powerful 'why' to keep showing up to camp and making every day better than the day that came before.

Welcome to Days of Inspiration. It’s the next best thing to having us on the phone with you or in your office everyday cheering you on. We are here to cheer you on and help you while you are in the middle of your camp season to make sure you are bringing the best version of yourself to work every day at camp.

Let us start with 5 days & best of Luck!

The YSuperstars Team

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