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A Message to Christians

This is a podcast about the abundant life that God promises in scripture. We want to inspire those who are frustrated with themselves and their communities to live a transformed life that will impact the world.

The podcast’s primary purpose is to be a platform that will impact the world through conversation. We want to invite others to connect and unite in curiosity, vulnerability, and responsibility.

A transformed life is about growth: learning and evolving. A transformed life leads to transformed communities, and transformed communities impact the world - one conversation at a time.

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Spring 2020: Listening and Staying Curious in our Relationships

              • The art of facilitation & seeking to understand
              • The benefits of debate & differences

Summer 2020: Increasing our Vulnerability

              • Practicing the gift of choice & going first
              • Remaining humbled & centered

Fall 2020: Facing our Responsibility

              • The personal responsibility 
              • The responsibility of teachers

Winter 2021: Embracing the Journey of a Transformed Life

              • Turning gaps into bridges
              • Translating negations to affirmations

Spring 2020

Listening and Staying Curious in our Relationships

Most people think that listening means staying quiet or surrendering all to the other person. However, this approach often leads to resentment and shallow conversations.

We want to invite you to learn how to ask better questions first, positioning yourself to stand on the side of the coin, allowing you to really see the two faces of the coin. This approach often leads to resolution and deep conversations.

Episode 1 - Ask Better Questions of Your Church

Show Notes - How to Ask Better Questions of the Church

In this episode Jimmy and Patty sit down to talk about the importance of asking better questions. This is a four part series on how to ask better questions of the church, the bible, God, and as leaders. 

In today’s episode we will be focusing on how to ask better questions of your church. 

Episode 2: Ask better questions of the Bible

As Christians it is our responsibility to make sure we are asking the best possible questions of the bible.

Whether you think that you know your Bible very well, or you are a beginner to reading the Bible this episode will help you approach your bible as an interactive discovery process.

Episode 3: Ask better questions of God

If we have a shallow relationship with God, we will lead shallow lives. Unfortunately many Christians have yet to learn this fundamental truth.

The good news is that regardless of your life circumstances that you are in right now, you can learn how to deepen your friendship with God today.