Self-Care Coaching

We help people who are sick and tired of their busy schedules to activate a Self-care practice; so they can better manage and reduce their stress.

Empower your highest potential by nourishing who you are. You were fearfully and wonderfully made by a perfect creator. Say yes to your values and priorities.

A life with the time to do what matters the most.

Are you ready to get your time back?

Free "Self-care" Strategy Session

Are you ready to get your time back?

Schedule a 20-minute Self-care Strategy Session where we will discuss your frustrations around time for yourself and time for others.

High achievers like you and I are in a constant battle in our minds, "Do I have what it takes?," "Am I good enough?" These thoughts also lead us into the rabbit hole of "Self-care is impossible with all my responsibilities!" or "I have no time for myself!

Do you struggle from these thoughts from time to time? We want to invite you to...

What is Self-care?

Self-care is the discipline of taking care of one's soul first, in order to give to others

We teach the importance of self-reflection time that helps us refocus our time on what matters the most.

What does the flight attendant share as emergency protocol before take off? Put the mask on you first, then your child.

"What does self-care have to do with my time!"

Well, if you consider the flight attendant's protocol above (put the mask on you first, then a child), we would say taking care of yourself first, impacts the outcome of the time you have to "safe" (help) your loved ones.

Your presence, your existence alone, is what truly matters to those who want your time and attention.

"You can pour out of a full cup"

~ Procabulary translation

"I have no time to take care of myself!"

Instead of ruminating about the busyness of life, consider the following questions about the people you want to have time for:

1) What do you want your love ones to say about you at the end of the road (death)?

2) How do you want to be remembered as?

3) What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

Gather the evidence and clarity of these questions to make the time to nourish an important asset your loved ones have, you.

"It is impossible to take care of myself with all my responsibilities!"

"Whether you think you can or can't, you are right" ~ Henry Ford

Speaking of responsibilities, who is responsible for YOU?

Most people over 18 would say, "I am!" "I am my own person (man/women)." Or even go further to say, "I am a responsible person!"

Yes, yes you are! Therefore, you are responsible for your own feelings, attitudes and actions.

"Each one should carry his own load" ~ Galatians 6:5

Life is not perfect, and we cannot control others (yea, I know), however, we can choose our response. There are 2 types of responses: One blame-shifts, and the other one takes responsibility.

"Self-care is not a luxury, it's a responsibility.
The responsibility depends on your choice!"
~ Patricia Kelly Zito

Our choices begin with the language we use

Our Self-care coaching evolves around "Language Sessions."

These sessions focus on the power words have on the images we create for ourselves. These images influence our feelings, and our feelings shape the story we tell ourselves. At the end, these stories become our reality.

Getting your time back with Self-care Coaching

A journey is like a marathon. We want to make sure that we are empowering you to consider and gather evidence based on the language you use in order to take care of yourself first.

Therefore we have broken our Self-care Coaching in 3 Practices to make it more digestible.

"Every journey begins with a single step"

Start with your Free 20-minute Self-Care Strategy Session to make sure we are the right fit. Imagine a world where you have the time to do what matters the most.




Book a Free Self-Care Strategy Session

In your 20-minute session we will discuss your frustrations around time and self-care. You may be asking, "I do not have time for myself!" or "Self-care is impossible with all of my responsibilities!"

The story we tell ourselves shapes our realities. We want to start with the language we use when it comes to expressing our frustrations, as well as our Life to the Full goals.