Yahaira - Egg Challenge

The Challenge

In the great egg challenge students are challenged with a common engineering problem: How to drop an egg from a great height and have it land on the ground without its shell breaking.

The egg shell as everyone knows can break very easily. That is why almost everyone opens up the egg cartoon before they buy their eggs to make sure that none of them are broken. Many people know the tragedy of going to the store to purchase a cartoon of eggs, only to come home and find some of them shattered during the ride home.

The Goal

Each time we do the egg challenge the participants are given only a certain amount and type of supplies, and as a group them must come up with some type of egg saving device to keep the egg in tack when it reaches the ground.

The Outcome & Objectives

The ultimate goal for our scholars is the collaboration among each other to become problem solvers.

Research & Development

Planning & Preparation

Scholars sketch out design, pick supplies, and build egg devices.

The Egg Device Trial & Error


Teachers/Facilitators test the Egg devices.

The Great Egg Challenge Contest


Scholars and Teachers get ready for competition!

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