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We're facilitating webinar style sessions (virtual roundtables) with you in mind. Let us know about your struggles and victories on embarking the New Superstar lifestyle. The New Superstar, you and I, who believe that the best form of Youth Development is about role modeling a life to the full. That is, living to our God-given Spark, our highest potential every single day of our lives!

Imagine a world with the time to do what matters the most, and the energy to spend it with your loved ones.

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1) Nutrition for the Whole Family
2) 3 Steps to Self-Care

"Love your neighbor AS yourself"
~ Matthew 12:31

3 Steps to Self-Care

Taking care of yourself, first, seems selfish and irresponsible to you. You read books and listen to podcasts about productivity and living to your highest potential, and never have the time to take action, apply and change.

What is the lack of time and procrastination costing you in money, rest, and creativity? Learn about the root of worry that steals your time.

Nutrition for the Whole Family

Nutrition seems like a good idea for the future. Yet, you have asked "What does nutrition have to do with my headache, my fatigue, my acne, my infertility, my autoimmune, my cancer, my____________ (you fill in the blank)?

How does the lack of education add to your frustration around nutrition & diet? Learn about bio-individuality and how nourishment can renew your energy.

YSuperstars...because you are!

We believe that we all have a God-given talent, skill, and strength. We call it SPARK. This spark is our light in this dark world of ordinary and sameness.

You were created and sculpted to be extraordinary and unique, or what we call a true Superstar.  A superstar that is not only thriving, but shining the light & way for others.

The spotlight is on you, and it comes with great responsibility. This responsibility is a commitment to human thriving, in living life to the fullest. It takes place in a narrow path where only a few choose to walk

"The Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few" ~ Luke 10:2