We know you're an explorer at heart!

We used to dream about traveling, exploring new cultures, adventuring new lands where we can impact the world! We had convinced ourselves that non-profit organizations and institutions were the problem for us denying the dream of being an explorer traveler.

We were caught up in the trap of I want to do XYZ, but...

"I have NO time and energy!"


Get Your Time Back

Self-Care Coaching

We help people who are sick and tired of their busy schedules to activate a Self-care practice; so they can better manage and reduce their stress.

Empower your highest potential by nourishing who you are. You were fearfully and wonderfully made by a perfect creator. Say yes to your values and priorities.

A life with the time to do what matters the most.

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Get Your Energy Back

Nutritional Therapy Consultation

We help people, who are tired of one size fits all diets, to create individualized blueprints; so they can fuel the nutrients their body actually needs.

Empower your choices by education. You were sculpted by a perfect creator. A creator that designed us for optimal health, and performance.

A life with the energy to spend it with your loved ones.

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The 3 Pillars of YSuperstars

The Foundation and Services of YSuperstars is in the Human Mind-Body-Spirit Connection because they are mutually dependent on each other.

Mind: Your Time (Self-Care Coaching)
Body: Your Energy (Nutritional Therapy Consultation)
Spirit: Your Tribe (Training and Events)

We are dedicated to nurturing an environment of growth and unity for the whole individual. The more we nurture ourselves, the better impact for those who depend on us.

"Healthy us, healthy children"

~ The YSuperstars Team

YSuperstars...because you are!

The New Superstar lifestyle is living a life to the full. That is a life where we have the time to do what matters the most, and the energy to spend it with our loved ones.

YSuperstars is a movement of the The “New” Superstar, you and I, who believe that the best form of Human Development is about role modeling a life to the full. Living to our God-given Spark, our gifts, talents, our highest potential every single day of our lives! This spark is our light in this dark world of ordinary and sameness. You were created and sculpted to be extraordinary and unique, or what we call a true Superstar.

A superstar that excels in their strengths, yes just like artists in the performing arts, athletes, and business. We praise them, we follow them because deep inside we want that lifestyle. Getting paid for what is our strengths & talents and having a lifestyle that matches our passion.

So I ask you, who determines society’s definition of a Superstar?

I hope the answer is YOU.

A superstar that is not only thriving, but shining the light & way for others. The spotlight is on you, and it comes with great responsibility. This responsibility is a commitment to your own growth in living life to the fullest. It takes place in a narrow path where only a few choose to walk.

"The Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few" ~ Luke 10:2


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We would love to hear from you! Shall we embark the New Superstar lifestyle which is living a Life to the Full? A life where we have the time to do what matters the most, and the energy to spend it with our loved ones.

"Healthy us, healthy children"

~The YSuperstars team